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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Sep 16, 2019

On today’s show, Sarah talks with Matt Maxwell. Matt is a former lawyer who is now a Leadership Coach and Facilitator. 

In this conversation, Sarah and Matt talk about:

  • How he found himself asking during the first month of law school, “When did I actually choose to do this?”;
  • How he raised the idea of leaving law school early on with his then-wife, but ultimately was held back by a sunk costs fallacy;
  • Why taking the LSAT was his favorite part of his entire legal journey;
  • The role his spiritual life played in deciding to leave the law;
  • Why he left his in-house job with a great schedule to go back to biglaw AFTER he decided he wanted to leave the law;
  • How he accelerated his exit strategy from the law;
  • What made him decide to become a coach;
  • The difference between professional coaching and advice giving, and the difference between coaching and therapy;
  • The value of both coaching and therapy;
  • The organization that Matt trained with, and why he recommends people check it out if interested in coaching;
  • How our training as lawyers makes us uniquely susceptible to not making a career change;
  • Why you should look for ways to enjoy your job while you’re still working as a lawyer;
  • and much more!

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