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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Oct 7, 2019

In Episode 009 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah talks with Jen Berson. Jen is a former lawyer who owns and run her own PR Agency, Jeneration PR, and teaches others how to start and grow their own successful agency.

In this conversation, Jen shares:

  • How she originally got on the path to law school because she was looking for a reason to stay in the city where she went to college for the summer;
  • Why observing women more senior to her in her law firm made her realize that working at a firm was not for her;
  • What caused her realization that she could make her life happen for her instead of feeling like it was just happening to her;
  • How she was advised by a female mentor to ignore mistreatment by a partner because it would be “career suicide”, but bravely spoke up anyway;
  • How she started doing unpaid PR work on the side while working as a lawyer, before realizing it was something companies would pay for;
  • How she dealt with her parents’ negative reactions to her decision to leave the law;
  • How leaving the law ultimately inspired her husband to make his own career change;
  • How she built a PR business from scratch, and the kind of work she’s doing now;
  • Why she tripled her rates overnight, and landed her dream client the next day;
  • Why your experience in law really can help you in so many other careers;
  • and much more!

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