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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

In Episode 011 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah talks with Shinah Chang. Shinah practiced corporate law for six years before leaving to start her own calligraphy business, Crooked Calligraphy. 

In this conversation, Shinah shares about:

  • How she spent her entire childhood working to get into Harvard, but felt lost when she arrived;
  • Why she ended up going to law school after undergrad even though she thought being a lawyer would be boring;
  • Why “you’re so good at arguing” is not a good reason to go to law school;
  • Why the known path of law school seemed so much safer than taking an unknown path;
  • How she clicked into “school mode” once in law school and just kept going;
  • How she secretly envied a classmate who dropped out two months in to law school;
  • Why leaving the practice of law was a slow and very fearful process for her;
  • The plan she had in place to make her comfortable with quitting her law firm job;
  • How to deal with others’ thoughts about you leaving the law;
  • Why she recommends you work with a therapist or coach when you are planning to leave the law;
  • How she tried all sorts of different things to find out what she should do next;
  • How her training as a lawyer helped her while building her calligraphy business;
  • Why the sunk costs fallacy is such a trap for unhappy lawyers and other people who are thinking about changing careers;
  • Why her life now is so much better than she could have imagined;
  • and much more!

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