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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Jun 17, 2024

In today’s episode, Sarah offers important advice to listeners. While practicing law, she constantly thought about what she wanted to do outside the law. But then her brain would start telling her everything that would make it a bad fit and instantly become negative.

Lawyers are just trained to do this, and it’s...

Jun 10, 2024

Today’s podcast episode features a conversation between Sarah and Andre Ferrari. He practiced law for a few years before becoming a real estate developer.

Andre shares his career path and how he got to where he is today. It’s interesting to see how interested he’s always been in real estate and how that’s helped...

Jun 3, 2024

Summer has arrived! On today’s podcast, Sarah asks listeners the question, “How many vacations does your job have to ruin, cancel, impinge upon, or maybe make you not even plan before you decide enough is enough?” Many lawyers struggle to take vacations, and when they do, it’s a challenge to shut off work...