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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Jan 9, 2023

This episode features Marquel Stuedemann, who joined the Former Lawyer Collaborative in the Fall 2021 cohort of Guided Track. 

Marquel discusses her experiences before and after joining The Collaborative. In this episode, you will see what being in The Collaborative looks like and how the support can help you leave the law by identifying an alternative career that is a great fit for you. 

If you would love to have the same experience as Marquel Stuedemann, you can join the next Guided Track cohort that starts in February. The Guided Track is a ten-week support program that gives you access to all the resources in The Collaborative, including weekly support calls with five other lawyers that get into the program. You also get a 30-minute one-on-one call with Sarah Cottrell, which you can use during the ten weeks. 

Now, let’s get into the conversation with Marquel.