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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

To celebrate the 100th episode of The Former Lawyer Podcast, I’m sharing something a little different than usual, an interview with me about how I transitioned out of the law and began Former Lawyer. 

I first shared my story on the very first episode of the podcast two years ago, but I didn't go into a ton of detail around how I transitioned out of the law and that was a long time ago, so I wanted to share a little bit more of my story. 

To help with this, Jessica Medina, a former Biglaw lawyer turned financial coach and accredited financial counselor, is going to interview me. This is going to be the first half of our conversation because we had so much to talk about. This is basically my story in the same format that you typically hear other people's stories. 

I'm really excited for you to enjoy this episode, we talked about some things about transitioning out of the law that I haven't talked about before.

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