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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

In Episode 017 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah talks with Nicole Abboud. Nicole first practiced family law, then fashion law, and along the way started the podcast The Gen Y Lawyer and founded Abboud Media, a modern strategy and consulting agency specializing in social media, podcast, and video marketing for lawyers and law firms. She recently pivoted and is focusing on blogging about sustainability, inclusion, style, courage, and self-expression.

In this conversation, Nicole shares about:

  • Deciding she wanted to be a lawyer at a young age;
  • Why she grew to hate practicing law;
  • How she found herself feeling nervous and nauseous every workday;
  • Why she opened her own fashion law practice even though she had started to suspect that she didn’t want to be a lawyer;
  • How starting The Gen Y Lawyer Podcast ultimately gave her the courage and the direction to leave the law;
  • How creating content for marketing her own practice created a business opportunity to start a company providing branding and marketing services for lawyers;
  • Why the human desire for certainty can keep you stuck as a lawyer;
  • The one thing she would have done differently when leaving the law;
  • Why she’s pivoting again in her career, and how much easier it is this time around;
  • and much more!

Show Notes:

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