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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Feb 24, 2020

In Episode 029 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, I’m sharing the first half of my conversation with Amy DuVall. (We talked about so many important things and I couldn’t bear to cut any of it, so I’ll share the second half next week!) 

After starting out in private practice, Amy spent 20 years as a lawyer and lobbyist doing environmental work in Washington D.C. In March 2018, she left that behind to study the pastry arts and open her baking business, From Politics to Pastry.

In the first half of our conversation, Amy shares about:

  • How she ended up as a lobbyist;
  • Why becoming a lawyer was simply a means to an end for her;
  • What inspired her to pursue a career as an environmental lobbyist;
  • Why she doesn’t regret going to law school;
  • How she learned more than once that she liked the substance of legal work but not the game;
  • What to do when you really like certain parts of your job as a lawyer, but really hate other parts;
  • What she did when she realized she didn’t want the brass ring of partnership she’d been taught to chase after;
  • Her job changing overnight from a lawyer to a non-lawyer position;
  • and much more! 

Show Notes: