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The Former Lawyer Podcast

Aug 30, 2021

This week on the podcast, I am super excited to share with you a preview of the first episode of a secret pop-up podcast series called “The Simple Five-Step Framework to Identify an Alternative Career that You Actually Like” that I have just released. 

This series is available for a limited time, until September 8th, partially in celebration of the starting of the first Guided Track in the Collaborative on September 9th. 

If you want to get this secret pop-up podcast and learn more about this 5-step framework, just head to and put in your name and email. I definitely recommend that you do it as soon as you hear this because it will be available only for registrants and until 5:00 PM on the 8th, I won’t be posting about it more on the site like this, so listen before then if you're interested.

And to give you a sample of what’s included in the series, here’s what the first episode is all about.